Rock Out By The Beach The Best Live Music Redondo Beach Has To Offer

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Hello music lovers! Are you tired of the same old bars and clubs with the same playlists on repeat? Have you been searching for a new and exciting way to experience live music in a beautiful setting? Look no further than Redondo Beach! This coastal city is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery and exciting live music venues in Southern California. In this article, we will explore the best live music Redondo Beach has to offer, from intimate coffee shops to outdoor amphitheaters.

By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive guide to the live music scene in Redondo Beach. You’ll know where to find the best local acts, established touring artists, and everything in between. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of classic rock, indie folk, or EDM, you’ll find something to love in this diverse and eclectic music scene. And, with a little help from our recommendations, you’ll never have to settle for anything less than an unforgettable night out with your favorite tunes.

Our guide will cover everything you need to know about experiencing live music in Redondo Beach, including where to go, what to expect, and tips for making the most of your experience. From venues with epic ocean views to underground bars with unbeatable vibes, we’ve got you covered. And, best of all, our recommendations are tried and true – we’ve scoured the city and tested out every spot on this list. So, get ready to dive into the vibrant and thrilling world of live music in Redondo Beach!

Best Live Music Venues in Redondo Beach

The city of Redondo Beach, located in Los Angeles County, is known for its stunning beaches and lively atmosphere. It also boasts an impressive array of live music venues that cater to all genres of music. Below are the best live music venues in Redondo Beach that are worth checking out.

The Brixton South Bay

The Brixton South Bay is a rock-and-roll themed bar that brings a mix of live music and DJs to Redondo Beach. It has a classic rock-inspired atmosphere, with a stage that hosts local talent as well as touring bands. The venue has an extensive cocktail list, and provides customers with a lively music experience seven nights a week.

  • The venue is open until 2 a.m. every night and is known for its affordable drink prices.
  • The Brixton South Bay hosts several events, including trivia nights, karaoke, and open mic
  • The venue offers drink specials on Wednesdays, with a rotating lineup of drink specials and events

The Brixton South Bay is particularly popular amongst the younger crowd, with many university students attending events at the venue.

The Standing Room

The Standing Room is a popular live music venue located in Hermosa Beach, just a short drive from Redondo Beach. The venue is known for hosting nationally renowned acts, along with local favorites. It offers a casual, relaxed atmosphere, with a wide selection of drinks and food.

  • The Standing Room has a sprawling outdoor patio, which offers unobstructed views of the ocean and is particularly popular during the summer months.
  • The venue has a strict no-reservation policy, and the atmosphere is casual and laid-back, making it an ideal spot for those looking for a no-fuss evening out.
  • The Standing Room has a rotating calendar of events, which ranges from poetry nights to sports viewing parties to live music.

The Standing Room is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, and its location near the beach makes it an especially attractive option for those looking for an outdoor music experience.

The Lighthouse Café

The Lighthouse Café is a legendary jazz club that played host to some of the biggest names in jazz, including Miles Davis and Cannonball Adderley. Located in the heart of Hermosa Beach, the venue is known for its intimate setting and high-quality music. Today, the Lighthouse Café continues to draw jazz lovers from all over Southern California with a packed lineup of live jazz performances.

  • The Lighthouse Café is one of the oldest jazz venues in Los Angeles County, having been in operation since 1949.
  • The venue has hosted several prominent musicians over the years, including Chet Baker, Buddy Rich, and Art Blakey.
  • The Lighthouse Café has a full-service restaurant, which serves a contemporary American menu alongside classic jazz tunes.

The Lighthouse Café is an iconic venue that continues to draw jazz lovers from all over the world who are seeking top-quality performances in an intimate, relaxed setting.

Comparisons of Venues

Venue Atmosphere Capacity Music Genre
The Brixton South Bay Rock-and-roll themed bar 150 guests Rock and pop
The Standing Room Casual and relaxed Unspecified All genres
The Lighthouse Cafe Intimate and high-quality 150 guests Jazz

In conclusion, Redondo Beach is home to some of the best live music venues in Southern California. From rock-and-roll themed bars to jazz clubs, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant beach city. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, be sure to check out these top live music venues for a memorable night out.

The History of Live Music in Redondo Beach

Ever since the 1950s, live music has been a major part of the culture and entertainment scene in Redondo Beach. The city has a rich history of supporting live music, with clubs and venues that have hosted legendary musicians from all over the world. From blues and rock to jazz and country, Redondo Beach’s live music scene has something for everyone.

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The Birth of Live Music in Redondo Beach

In the 1950s and 1960s, the South Bay area of Los Angeles was a hotbed for live music. This was due to the proximity of the beach communities to major highways, which made it easy for touring bands to visit and play gigs in the area. Redondo Beach was no exception, with venues like the Lighthouse Cafe and the Kettle acting as important venues for local and national musicians.

One of the most significant events in Redondo Beach’s live music history was the opening of the Lighthouse Cafe in 1949. This venue became a hub for jazz and blues musicians, with performers like Miles Davis, Chet Baker, and Dexter Gordon playing legendary gigs at the club. The Lighthouse Cafe is still open today, and it remains a popular spot for live jazz performances.

The Rise of Rock Music

In the 1970s, the live music scene in Redondo Beach started to shift towards rock music. The emergence of bands like The Beach Boys and The Eagles brought a renewed interest in local music, and venues like The Strand and The Civic Auditorium began hosting larger concerts.

One of the most significant events in Redondo Beach’s rock music history was the Beach Boys’ performance at the Civic Auditorium in 1964. The band, which had formed in nearby Hawthorne, played their hit “Surfin’ USA” to a packed audience, cementing their status as one of the most popular bands in the world.

The Reggae Scene

In the 1980s, Redondo Beach became a hub for the Southern California reggae scene. This was due in large part to the popularity of nearby venues like the Roxy and the Whiskey a Go-Go, which hosted international reggae acts like Bob Marley and Toots and the Maytals.

Locally, the city became known for its “Reggae Sundays” at the Brixton South Bay, which featured live reggae music every weekend. This event was instrumental in establishing Redondo Beach as one of the premier destinations for reggae music in the United States.

The Modern Era

Today, Redondo Beach’s live music scene continues to thrive. The city is home to a variety of venues, from small clubs to outdoor amphitheaters, that feature live music throughout the year. Some of the most popular venues include The Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, The Lighthouse Cafe, and The Standing Room.

In recent years, the city has also hosted major music festivals like the BeachLife Festival, which features a mix of national and local acts performing on multiple stages throughout the weekend. This event has become a major draw for music fans from all over Southern California.

Pros of Live Music in Redondo Beach Cons of Live Music in Redondo Beach
  • Provides entertainment for residents and visitors
  • Contributes to the local economy
  • Attracts tourists and enhances the city’s cultural reputation
  • Offers opportunities for local musicians to perform and showcase their talents
  • Fosters a sense of community and brings people together
  • Noise complaints from residents living near music venues
  • Traffic congestion and parking issues during large events
  • Potential for underage drinking or other illegal activities at music venues
  • Expense of hosting and promoting live music events
  • Risk of liability for injuries or accidents at music events

Overall, the history of live music in Redondo Beach is one of growth and evolution. From its roots in jazz and blues to its current status as a destination for a variety of musical genres, the city’s live music scene has played an important role in the cultural and economic development of the area. As the popularity of live music continues to grow, it is likely that Redondo Beach will remain at the forefront of this exciting and vibrant industry.

Must-see live music events in Redondo Beach

If you’re a music lover who enjoys watching live performances while having a great time, then Redondo Beach is the perfect spot for you. This beautiful coastal city in Los Angeles, California, is known for its lively and engaging music scene, featuring great bands and musicians, amazing sounds, and beautiful beach views. In this section, we are going to take a closer look at some of the must-see live music events in Redondo Beach that you don’t want to miss.

1. BeachLife Festival

One of the biggest and most popular music events in Redondo Beach is the BeachLife Festival. This festival takes place every year in May, and it features a great lineup of local and international bands and musicians. The festival takes place over three consecutive days, and it offers an experience like no other, with beautiful beach views, great food, and drinks, and non-stop music. Some notable past performers at BeachLife Festival include headliners like Brian Wilson, Bob Weir, and Willie Nelson, as well as other famous artists like Ziggy Marley, Jason Mraz, and Violent Femmes.

If you’re planning on attending the BeachLife Festival, you can expect a laid-back and friendly atmosphere, with plenty of space to relax and enjoy the music. The festival also includes VIP packages that offer access to exclusive lounges, food, and drinks, as well as other benefits like merchandise and shuttle services.

2. Redondo Beach Summer of Music

Another great music event that takes place in Redondo Beach is the Summer of Music series. This annual concert series runs from July to August, and it offers a wide variety of live performances, ranging from jazz and blues to rock and roll and everything in between. The concerts take place every Thursday and Saturday evening at Veterans Park, and they are free and open to the public.

The Summer of Music series has been a Redondo Beach tradition for over a decade, and it has provided music lovers with the opportunity to enjoy great live performances in a beautiful outdoor setting. The event also attracts a diverse crowd of people, including families, couples, and friends, making it a great place to connect with the Redondo Beach community.

3. Music Under The Stars

If you’re looking for a more intimate and romantic live music experience, then Music Under The Stars is the perfect event for you. This music series takes place every year from June to August at the stunning Botanic Garden at South Coast Botanic Garden. The concerts are held in the evening, and they offer a unique and magical experience, with beautiful garden views, live music, and delicious food and drinks.

Music Under The Stars welcomes a variety of musical genres, including jazz, rock, and classical, and it features talented local and national musicians. The event also offers VIP packages that include reserved seating, a special dinner, and other perks.


In conclusion, Redondo Beach is a music lover’s dream destination, with a thriving and exciting live music scene that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re into rock and roll, jazz, or classical music, there is an event in Redondo Beach that will cater to your musical tastes. So, if you’re planning a trip to Redondo Beach, make sure to include one of these must-see live music events in your itinerary. You won’t regret it!

Music Event Date(s) Location Ticket Price(s)
BeachLife Festival May Seaside Lagoon $299+
Redondo Beach Summer of Music July-August Veterans Park Free
Music Under The Stars June-August South Coast Botanic Garden $90+
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Pros and Cons of Each Event:

  • BeachLife Festival
    • Pros: Amazing lineup with local and international bands, beautiful beach views and non-stop music, VIP packages offer exclusive benefits.
    • Cons: Ticket prices can be expensive.
  • Redondo Beach Summer of Music
    • Pros: Free and open to the public, offers a wide variety of live performances in a beautiful outdoor setting.
    • Cons: Limited seating capacity, can be crowded.
  • Music Under The Stars
    • Pros: Beautiful and magical experience in a stunning Botanical Garden, intimate and romantic atmosphere.
    • Cons: Higher ticket prices and limited seating, some may not enjoy the classical music genre.

Real World Examples:

An example for the BeachLife Festival is the 2019 event which had over 40 musical acts including classics like the Beach Boys and newer performers like Ziggy Marley. VIP packages were also available for purchase, allowing guests to gain additional benefits such as access to exclusive lounges and photo-ops with festival performers.

A real world example for the Redondo Beach Summer of Music could be a family attending one of the concerts and enjoying a picnic while listening to live music. This event is perfect for families with children as it is free and provides ample space for children to play while their parents enjoy the concert.

For Music Under The Stars, a case study could be a couple attending one of the events on their anniversary. The couple enjoyed a romantic candlelit dinner while listening to live music in an unforgettable location. The event created a memorable experience for the couple that they will cherish for years to come.

Tips for Discovering New Live Music in Redondo Beach

As a music lover, finding new live music events and performances in Redondo Beach can be an exciting adventure. With its diverse music scene, there is always something happening, but sometimes it can be difficult to discover the latest shows and concerts. Here are some tips to help you explore and discover new live music in Redondo Beach:

1. Research Venues Ahead of Time

One of the easiest ways to discover new live music in Redondo Beach is by researching the city’s various music venues ahead of time. Some of the most popular music venues in the city include Saint Rocke, Brixton South Bay, and The Standing Room. Each of these venues has a calendar of events available online, so you can easily find out who will be performing and when.

But it’s not just the popular music venues that you should research. There are also many smaller, lesser-known venues that offer unique live music experiences. Take the time to discover and follow these venues on social media and subscribe to their email newsletters to stay up-to-date with all of their upcoming shows.

2. Follow Local Musicians and Bands on Social Media

Following local musicians and bands on social media can also be an effective way to discover new live music events in Redondo Beach. Many artists and bands regularly post about their upcoming performances on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow popular hashtags like #RedondoBeachMusic or #SouthBayMusic to stay up-to-date with all the latest music happenings in the area.

3. Attend Open Mic Nights

Attending open mic nights is a great way to discover new talent while enjoying live music performances. Many local bars and coffee shops in Redondo Beach host open mic nights where musicians and singers can showcase their skills. These events provide an opportunity to discover new artists and connect with other music lovers in the community.

4. Use Music Discovery Apps

In today’s digital age, there are several music discovery apps that can help you discover new live music events in Redondo Beach. Here are some of the most popular music discovery apps:

  • Bandsintown – This app scans your music library and provides a personalized list of upcoming concerts from your favorite artists. You can also search for music events by location, genre, or date.
  • Songkick – Similar to Bandsintown, Songkick scans your music library and provides personalized concert recommendations. You can also track your favorite artists and receive notifications when they announce new shows in your area.
  • Jukely – This app offers a subscription service that provides access to unlimited concerts in your city. You can attend as many shows as you want for a fixed monthly fee.

Pros and Cons of Music Discovery Apps

Using music discovery apps to discover new live music events in Redondo Beach comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Here is a table outlining some of the pros and cons:

Pros Cons
  • Personalized recommendations based on your music preferences
  • Quick and easy access to all upcoming events
  • Ability to track and follow your favorite artists
  • May miss out on discovering lesser-known artists and venues
  • May not receive recommendations for events outside of your music tastes
  • Subscription fees for some apps

Overall, using music discovery apps can be a great way to discover new live music events in Redondo Beach, but it’s also important to explore and discover new venues and lesser-known artists in the area.

In conclusion, discovering new live music events in Redondo Beach can be an exciting adventure, and there are many ways to do so. From researching music venues ahead of time to using music discovery apps, there are many tools available for music lovers to find and explore new music in the area. So go out there, discover new music, and support the local music scene in Redondo Beach!

How to plan the perfect night out for live music in Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is a beautiful city located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County in California. It is recognized for its long beaches, restaurants, and remarkable live music scene. Whether you are a local or a tourist, a night out in Redondo Beach with live music can be an unforgettable experience. Here are five things you need to know about planning the perfect night out for live music in Redondo Beach.

1. Know the type of music you want to hear

There are different types of live music performances in Redondo Beach. Some venues focus on a specific genre, like jazz or blues, while others feature mainstream artists. Therefore, before planning your night out, you should be aware of the type of music you want to hear. It will help you choose the appropriate venue that fits your preferences. Here are some popular live music genres in Redondo Beach:

  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Rock and Roll
  • Country
  • Pop

2. Look for the right venue

Once you know the type of music you want to hear, the next step is to look for the right venue. Redondo Beach has a vast range of live music venues that cater to different genres of music. Some venues may have a more intimate atmosphere, while others may have a larger capacity for bigger audiences. Below are excellent live music venues in Redondo Beach:

Live Music Venue Genre Capacity Features
The Brixton Rock and Roll 150 Live music five nights a week, full-service bar and restaurant
The Lighthouse Café Jazz and Blues 100 Live music every night, full-service bar and restaurant, and a historical landmark
Hennessy’s Tavern Various genres 300 Live music on weekends, full-service bar and restaurant, and an outdoor patio
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3. Check the schedule

Before heading out to the venue, it is best to check their schedule to ensure that there is live music on the night you want to go. Some venues may have musicians playing every day, while others may only have live music on specific days of the week. Asking in advance or checking their website can save you time and effort, and ensure that you get to enjoy live music on your night out.

4. Purchase tickets or make reservations

If a venue requires tickets for their live music performances, it is a good idea to purchase them in advance to ensure entrance to the show. On the other hand, if a venue accepts reservations, it is best to make them beforehand to avoid waiting in line or not getting a table. Reservations also come in handy if you plan to have dinner before the live music performance.

5. Plan your transportation options

Finally, it is essential to plan your transportation options when going out for live music in Redondo Beach. Parking in the area can be challenging, especially in the evenings, so you may want to consider other ways to get to the venue. Here are some transportation options to consider:

  • Using public transportation, such as buses or trains
  • Hiring a ride-share service, like Uber or Lyft
  • Walking or bicycling if you live close enough to the venue

By planning your transportation in advance, you can ensure that you arrive at the live music venue on time and enjoy the show without any stress.

In conclusion, planning the perfect night out for live music in Redondo Beach involves knowing the type of music you want to hear, looking for the right venue, checking the schedule, purchasing tickets or making reservations, and planning your transportation options. By following these five steps, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic night out with amazing live music performances.

FAQs: Live Music in Redondo Beach

What are the top venues for live music in Redondo Beach?

There are many great options for live music in Redondo Beach including The Bungalow, Saint Rocke, and The Redondo Beach Pier. These venues offer a variety of genres and have hosted both local and famous artists.

Is there live music at Redondo Beach’s farmers market?

Yes, the Redondo Beach Farmers Market features live music every Thursday from 5-8 pm. While the musicians may vary from week to week, you can expect to encounter a variety of talented performers.

What kind of music can I expect at Saint Rocke?

Saint Rocke is known for hosting a diverse range of musical genres, including alternative rock, reggae, country, and more. They have worked with many famous artists such as Sublime, Katy Perry, and The Black Keys.

Is there a dress code at The Bungalow?

The Bungalow does not have an official dress code, but it is a trendy venue, so many people tend to dress up. However, the most important thing is to be comfortable enough to enjoy the music and atmosphere.

What days of the week do these venues offer live music?

Most venues in Redondo Beach offer live music almost every day of the week. However, schedules may vary, so it’s always a good idea to check their websites or social media accounts for the most up-to-date information.

Is there a cover charge for live music?

Yes, some venues may charge a cover fee. It varies depending on the performer, the popularity of the venue, and the day of the week. However, some venues offer free shows, especially on weekdays or during happy hour.

What is the best time to arrive at Saint Rocke for a concert?

It depends on the show and the popularity of the artist. However, as a general rule, it’s a good idea to arrive early, usually 30-60 minutes before the doors open. This way, you can find a good spot, order a drink, and avoid long lines.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to Redondo Beach live music venues?

Most venues do not allow outside food or drinks. However, many serve food and drinks on-site, so you can enjoy the music and have a great meal or cocktails at the same time.

Are all live music shows 21+ in Redondo Beach?

No, not all shows are exclusively for adults. Some music venues allow minors if they’re accompanied by an adult, especially during the daytime, open mic nights or certain shows that are tailored for younger audiences.

Do I need to make a reservation for a live music show?

It depends on the venue, the popularity of the artist, and the day of the week. Some shows may sell out quickly and require a reservation, while others have open seating. It’s always a good idea to check the venue’s website or contact them beforehand to see if reservations are recommended or required.


Redondo Beach is a hub for live music, with many amazing venues offering a variety of genres and performances. Whether you’re looking for a casual night out or a more formal occasion, there’s something for everyone. Make sure to check out the Redondo Beach Farmers Market for live music every Thursday, and keep an eye on the schedules of venues like The Bungalow, Saint Rocke and the Redondo Beach Pier. Don’t forget to plan ahead, reserve your spot, and arrive early for the best experience. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out other articles on this site for more exciting things to do in Redondo Beach.