Rock Your Socks Off At These Must Visit Colorado Springs Music Venues

Attention all music lovers! If you reside in or plan to visit Colorado Springs, you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re a fan of indie, jazz, rock, or local talent, Colorado Springs boasts a thriving music scene with diverse venues to accommodate any genre. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of the city’s top music spots, along with their unique features and upcoming events.

Are you tired of spending your weekends binge-watching Netflix with nothing new and exciting to do? Do you want to discover new music and support local artists while having a blast? Then keep reading! By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of the best places to enjoy live music, along with insider tips to help you make the most of your experience. Whether you’re a seasoned concert-goer or a beginner looking for a good time, we’ve got you covered.

With so many options to choose from, deciding on the perfect music venue may seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry! We’ve done the research for you and tested out each spot to provide you with honest feedback and recommendations. From historic theaters to cozy bars, we guarantee you’ll find a venue that suits your music taste and vibe. So join us on this musical adventure and let’s discover Colorado Springs’ hidden gems together!

The Ultimate Guide to Colorado Springs Music Venues

If you’re a music lover who’s planning a trip to Colorado Springs, then you’re in for a treat! This city is home to a wide range of world-class music venues, from intimate bars and clubs to huge outdoor amphitheaters. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best music venues in Colorado Springs, including their unique features, notable shows, and overall vibe.

1. The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep is one of the most iconic music venues in Colorado Springs. Located in the Downtown area, this venue has been hosting live music shows for over a decade. Here’s what you need to know about this popular spot:

  • Size: The Black Sheep is an intimate venue that can accommodate up to 450 people. It’s known for its close proximity between the stage and audience, creating an immersive live music experience.
  • Sound: The venue boasts a state-of-the-art sound system, ensuring that every performance is crystal clear and powerful.
  • Vibe: The Black Sheep has a laid-back atmosphere that attracts all types of music enthusiasts, from indie rock fans to metalheads. Its walls are adorned with graffiti and murals, giving it a unique visual appeal.
  • Notable shows: The Black Sheep has hosted a wide range of popular bands and musicians over the years, including The Menzingers, Descendents, Taking Back Sunday, and The Wonder Years.
  • Pros: The Black Sheep offers an intimate and personal music experience that you won’t find in larger venues. It also has a great sound system and a unique visual aesthetic.
  • Cons: Due to its small size, The Black Sheep can sell out quickly, so be sure to get your tickets early. Also, the venue can get quite hot and stuffy during the summer months, so dress accordingly.

If you’re a fan of rock, punk, or alternative music, then The Black Sheep is an absolute must-visit when you’re in Colorado Springs.

2. Red Rocks Amphitheater

While not technically located in Colorado Springs, Red Rocks Amphitheater is one of the most famous music venues in the entire state of Colorado. This iconic outdoor venue is located near Morrison, just a short drive from Colorado Springs. Here’s what you need to know about this breathtaking venue:

  • Size: Red Rocks can accommodate up to 9,525 fans, with seating available both in the stands and on the general admission lawn.
  • Sound: The venue’s natural acoustics are legendary, creating a reverberating sound that’s been praised by countless musicians over the years.
  • Vibe: Red Rocks is famous for its stunning natural beauty, which includes towering rock formations and breathtaking views of the Colorado skyline. The venue also has a laid-back, friendly atmosphere.
  • Notable shows: Red Rocks has hosted some of the world’s biggest music acts, including The Beatles, U2, and Bruce Springsteen. The venue also hosts a popular summer concert series that features a wide range of genres and artists.
  • Pros: Red Rocks is one of the most beautiful and acoustically impressive music venues in the world. Its vast size and natural setting make it a one-of-a-kind concert experience.
  • Cons: Due to its popularity, Red Rocks can get very crowded, especially during the summer concert series. It’s also a bit of a trek from Colorado Springs.

If you’re looking for a truly special live music experience, then it’s worth the trip to see a show at Red Rocks. Just be sure to pack a jacket or sweater, as the mountain air can get quite chilly, even on warm summer evenings.

3. The Gold Room

The Gold Room is a luxurious music venue located in the heart of Downtown Colorado Springs. This upscale spot is perfect for those who want to enjoy a night of live music in a more refined setting. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Size: The Gold Room can accommodate up to 480 guests, with a main floor and mezzanine level for optimal viewing.
  • Sound: The venue’s sound system is top-notch, providing unparalleled clarity and quality.
  • Vibe: The Gold Room has an elegant, sophisticated ambiance, with velvet curtains, crystal chandeliers, and a grand piano. It’s perfect for those who want to dress up for a night out on the town.
  • Notable shows: The Gold Room has hosted a wide range of performers, from jazz trios to dance DJs. It’s also become a popular spot for album release parties and other special events.
  • Pros: The Gold Room offers an upscale and refined live music experience, with impeccable sound quality and elegant decor.
  • Cons: Due to its upscale nature, The Gold Room can be on the pricier side. It’s also not the ideal spot for those who prefer a more laid-back or casual atmosphere.
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If you’re looking for a unique and sophisticated live music experience, then make sure to check out The Gold Room on your next visit to Colorado Springs.

Music Venue Size Sound Vibe Notable Shows
The Black Sheep Intimate (up to 450 people) State-of-the-art Laid-back The Menzingers, Descendents, Taking Back Sunday, The Wonder Years
Red Rocks Amphitheater Large (up to 9,525 people) Natural acoustics Famous for its natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere The Beatles, U2, Bruce Springsteen, summer concert series
The Gold Room Moderate (up to 480 people) Impeccable sound system Elegant and sophisticated Jazz trios, dance DJs, album release parties

In conclusion, Colorado Springs has a vibrant and diverse music scene that caters to all types of musical tastes. From intimate venues like The Black Sheep to legendary outdoor venues like Red Rocks, there’s something for everyone in this exciting city. Just remember to pack your dancing shoes and get ready for a fun-filled live music experience!

Top 5 Colorado Springs Music Venues You Must Visit

If you find yourself in Colorado Springs and you’re looking for a night out with great music, you might want to check out our top 5 Colorado Springs music venues. These venues offer a diverse range of live music performances, from local acts to big names. Below we’ve listed each venue’s information and what makes them so special.

2. The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep is one of the best-known music venues in Colorado Springs since it opened in 2005. It’s a unique, small-capacity venue dedicated to supporting local music and artists, as well as bringing in big names from all around the world. Here’s what makes The Black Sheep worth visiting:

Intimate Setting and Unique Atmosphere

One of the things that sets The Black Sheep apart from other venues is its intimate setting. With a capacity of only 400, the venue has a cozy atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re at a private concert. The space is industrial and edgy, with exposed brick walls and ductwork, making for a cool and unique atmosphere.

Diverse Lineup of Music Acts

The Black Sheep has a diverse lineup of music acts, from local bands playing punk and metal to big names like Mac Miller and Fitz and The Tantrums. They also host tribute bands, open mic nights, and comedy shows. This gives you the opportunity to experience different genres of music, and maybe even find your new favorite band.

Affordable and Accessible

The Black Sheep is an affordable venue, with most shows costing less than $20. They also offer discounts for students, military personnel, and first responders. Plus, there’s plenty of free parking nearby, and the venue is easily accessible by public transportation. If you’re looking for a night out without breaking the bank, The Black Sheep is a great option.

Pros and Cons Table

To give you a better idea of what to expect when visiting The Black Sheep, we’ve put together a pros and cons table below.

Pros Cons
– Intimate setting – Limited capacity
– Diverse lineup of music acts – No assigned seating
– Affordable pricing – Limited food and drink options
– Great location with free parking – May not be accessible for people with disabilities

As you can see, The Black Sheep has a lot of great things going for it. The main drawbacks are limited capacity and no assigned seating, but these are easily outweighed by the affordable pricing and diverse lineup of music acts.

In conclusion, The Black Sheep is a must-visit music venue in Colorado Springs for its unique atmosphere, diverse music acts, and affordable pricing. It’s a great place to see live music and experience some of the local music scene.

Experience Live Music at Colorado Springs’ Iconic Venues

Colorado Springs boasts a vibrant music scene with several iconic venues. Whether you want to enjoy a live music show by established musicians or discover new talent, Colorado Springs has something to offer. Join us as we explore the three most iconic venues in Colorado Springs.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is undoubtedly Colorado Springs’ most famous and iconic venue. Located in Morrison, around 60 miles from Colorado Springs, this natural amphitheatre is a bucket list destination for music lovers worldwide. The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is carved out of ancient sandstone rocks and provides a stunning natural backdrop that creates an unmatched experience for every music lover. This venue is renowned for hosting legendary concerts by top artists and breathtaking scenic views.

Origins and History

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre was discovered in the early 1900s but wasn’t officially called Red Rocks until 1927. The venue was built through the joint effort of the National Park Service and the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. Today, the amphitheatre can hold up to 9,525 guests and has seen performances by iconic artists such as The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, and Jimi Hendrix.

Pros and Cons


– Stunning natural backdrop
– Large capacity
– Acoustics are exceptional due to the natural setting


– Located outside of Colorado Springs
– Pricey tickets for popular concerts


| Pros | Cons |
| Stunning natural backdrop | Located outside of Colorado Springs |
| Large capacity | Pricey tickets for popular concerts |
| Acoustics are exceptional due to the natural setting | |

Tips for Visiting:

– Make sure to dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes because of the natural terrain.
– Bring a blanket to sit on and warm clothing because it gets chilly after dark.
– Alcohol is not allowed, but you can buy beverages at the venue.

The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep is a popular music venue for lovers of rock, punk, and metal music. Located in downtown Colorado Springs, the Black Sheep is an intimate venue that hosts shows by both local and national artists. The venue can hold up to 450 guests, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a more intimate concert experience.

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Origins and History

The Black Sheep was founded in 2005 by Frank Kuhn, a local promoter, and musician. Since then, it has become synonymous with punk and metal culture in Colorado Springs. Some of the famous artists who have performed at the venue include Steel Panther, Zakk Wylde, and Drowning Pool.

Pros and Cons


– Intimate setting
– Affordable tickets
– Good sound system


– Limited capacity
– Has an age restriction of 18 and up, which limits audiences


| Pros | Cons |
| Intimate setting | Limited capacity |
| Affordable tickets | Has an age restriction of 18 and up, which limits audiences |
| Good sound system | |

Tips for Visiting:

– Arrive early to get a good spot, especially for popular shows.
– Be aware of the strict no-alcohol policy.
– Check the age restriction before purchasing tickets.

The Pikes Peak Center

The Pikes Peak Center is a performing arts center in downtown Colorado Springs that hosts the Colorado Springs Philharmonic and other local and national musicians. The venue has a capacity of 2,000 guests and is renowned for its exceptional acoustics.

Origins and History

The Pikes Peak Center opened in 1982 with a performance by the Colorado Springs Philharmonic. Since then, the venue has become a prime location for live music shows in Colorado Springs.

Pros and Cons


– Exceptional acoustics
– Convenient downtown location
– Large capacity


– Limited drink and food options
– Pricey tickets for popular shows


| Pros | Cons |
| Exceptional acoustics | Limited drink and food options |
| Convenient downtown location | Pricey tickets for popular shows |
| Large capacity | |

Tips for Visiting:

– Dress appropriately for a more upscale setting.
– Check the food and drink availability in advance.
– Purchase tickets well in advance for popular shows.


Colorado Springs offers some of the most iconic music venues in the country, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. Whether you choose to attend a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the Black Sheep, or the Pikes Peak Center, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable live music experience. From breathtaking natural scenery to exceptional acoustics, these venues are at the top of every music lover’s must-visit list.

Explore the Top Bars with Live Music in Colorado Springs

Music is one of the most enthralling and enriching experiences that one can enjoy, especially when it is performed live. For music lovers residing in Colorado Springs, the bar scene is burgeoning and offering them a chance to not only enjoy a refreshing drink but also the soulful rhythms and heart-thumping beats of their favorite artists. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the top bars with live music in Colorado Springs.

1. Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub & Restaurant is the ultimate destination for people who love to indulge in Irish music and culture. The place is a perfect combination of good music, food, and drinks. Jack Quinn’s hosts live music events on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The pub also hosts an annual Celtic festival, which attracts a large number of people from all over the city.

  • The pub specializes in Irish cuisine and beer.
  • The venue has a stage for live performances.
  • Jack Quinn’s has an outdoor seating area.

2. Zodiac Venue and Bar

The Zodiac Venue and Bar is a hip and modern place that has been a popular spot for live music since 2006. This venue has hosted several alternative, punk, and indie rock bands, along with a mix of local and national performers. Zodiac encourages new talents and is known for its open-mic nights every Tuesday.

  • The venue has a capacity of over 300 people.
  • Zodiac is known for its art shows, trivia nights, and karaoke sessions.
  • The bar has a vast selection of cocktails, beers, and spirits.

3. Stargazers Theatre and Event Center

Stargazers Theatre and Event Center is one of the most iconic destinations for live music in Colorado Springs. The place was initially a movie theatre but has now turned into an entertainment center. The venue offers a mix of music genres, including jazz, blues, country, pop, and rock. The place has hosted several big names, including Three Dog Night, Dave Mason, and Leon Russell.

  • Stargazers offers a unique ambiance with a clear view of Pikes Peak.
  • The venue has a capacity of over 600 people.
  • Stargazers also hosts private events and weddings.

4. The Gold Room

The Gold Room is an exquisite venue that boasts of its elegance, its lavish interiors, its premium food, and its world-class music. The place is known for its exceptional sound system and has hosted some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Korn, The Glitch Mob, and The String Cheese Incident.

  • The Gold Room has a capacity of over 400 people.
  • The venue is perfect for corporate events, weddings, and parties.
  • The place has an extensive menu, including vegan and gluten-free options.
Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub & Restaurant Zodiac Venue and Bar Stargazers Theatre and Event Center The Gold Room
Speciality Irish cuisine and beer Cocktails, beers, and spirits Mix of music genres Premium food and excellent sound system
Capacity Over 300 people Over 600 people Over 400 people
Features Outdoor seating area Art shows, trivia nights, and karaoke sessions Clear view of Pikes Peak Perfect for corporate events, weddings, and parties

Music lovers can elevate their spirits by visiting these top bars with live music in Colorado Springs. Each of these venues has its charm, character, and personality. The music scene in Colorado Springs is growing, and these bars have contributed significantly to its growth. Every music lover must visit these destinations to have an unforgettable experience with a refreshing drink, good food, and fantastic music.

5. Consider the Venue’s Atmosphere and Amenities

Aside from price and location, the venue’s atmosphere and amenities can largely affect the success of your night out. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Music genre and crowd

  • Make sure the venue caters to your preferred music genre to ensure a good time.
  • Research the usual crowd frequenting the venue to determine if it aligns with your group’s demographics.

If you’re a country music fan, then Whiskey Baron Dance Hall & Saloon should be on your list. This Country Western venue has plenty of space for dancing, offers line dancing lessons on Mondays for beginners, and country twang hits the dance floor every night!

2. Food and drinks selection

  • Check the venue’s website or social media page for their menu and bar offerings.
  • Know if outside food or drinks are allowed.
  • Consider any special requirements for the group, like gluten-free or vegetarian options.

For jazz lovers who enjoy small clubs and big sound, head downtown to the legendary Colorado Springs jazz club, The Gold Room. Music, mixed drinks, and a small, carefully curated menu of tapas are staples of this chic establishment’s nightlife, where big-name musicians play to packed houses.

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3. Seating arrangements

  • Find out if the venue offers reserved seating or standing room only.
  • Know what to expect areas like VIP or balcony seats.
  • Consider the size of the venue and the size of your group while choosing a seating arrangement.

Looking for an intimate cabaret-style venue? Try The Mezzanine Lounge for an unforgettable experience. They offer a variety of seating options from lounge chairs and sofas to high tables, perfect for couples and small groups at a reasonable price.

4. Noise level and ambiance

  • Check if the venue has any regulations regarding volume levels.
  • Know what kind of noise or atmosphere to expect, whether it’s a quiet listening room or a lively rock concert.

For metal fans, use the Colorado Springs’ Black Sheep as your go-to venue. Offering a capacity for 450 fans, Black Sheep that regularly invites nationally touring bands within the rock, punk, and metal genres.

5. Parking options and accessibility

  • Know if there is any parking available nearby, whether it is free or paid.
  • Know if the venue is wheelchair accessible, offer handicapped seating or facilities, and if they take special dietary requirements into account.

For those who want the excitement of experiencing a concert in a mountain setting, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre has a panoramic view of the mountain skyline of Denver, an unparalleled view of the stars, and natural acoustics that make this place unique.

Amenities Comparison Table
Venue Amenities
Whiskey Baron Dance Hall & Saloon Line dancing lessons on Mondays for beginners, live music nightly, and plenty of space.
The Gold Room Jazz and rock music, signature drinks, and small plates menu.
The Mezzanine Lounge Intimate seating, lounge bar, and affordable drink prices.
Black Sheep Rock and metal music, standing room only, and full bar.
Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre Natural rock ambiance, breathtaking view, and multiple vending options.

With these considerations, you can now confidently decide on a venue that will best accommodate your night out. Whether you want an intimate setting for jazz and cocktails or a loud night out of rock and roll, Colorado Springs has everything to offer!

FAQs about Colorado Springs Music Venues

What are some popular music venues in Colorado Springs?

There are several popular music venues in Colorado Springs, including The Black Sheep, The Pikes Peak Center, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and Stargazers Theatre & Event Center.

Do Colorado Springs music venues have age restrictions?

Yes, most music venues in Colorado Springs have age restrictions, with some allowing all ages and others only allowing patrons who are 21 years and older. It is best to check with the venue beforehand.

What is the capacity of The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs?

The Black Sheep has a capacity of about 450 persons.

What kind of music can I expect to hear at The Pikes Peak Center?

The Pikes Peak Center hosts a variety of music genres, including classical, jazz, rock, pop, and more.

Are there any outdoor music venues in Colorado Springs?

Yes, Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an outdoor music venue located near Colorado Springs.

Can I rent a music venue in Colorado Springs?

Yes, some music venues in Colorado Springs are available for rent for private events or concerts. Contact the venue to inquire about rental information.

Do I need to buy tickets in advance for concerts at Colorado Springs music venues?

It is advised to purchase tickets in advance as concerts at Colorado Springs music venues tend to sell out quickly. However, tickets may also be available at the door depending on the event.

What is the best time of year for outdoor concerts in Colorado Springs?

The best time of year for outdoor concerts in Colorado Springs is typically during the summer months when temperatures are warmer and the chance of inclement weather is lower.

Are there any free music events in Colorado Springs?

Yes, there are free music events in Colorado Springs throughout the year, including the annual Colorado Springs Labor Day Liftoff and the Colorado Springs Summer Concert Series.

What is the parking situation like at Colorado Springs music venues?

Parking varies depending on the venue, but most music venues in the area offer free parking options, including onsite parking lots or nearby street parking.


In conclusion, Colorado Springs is home to several popular music venues catering to various tastes and preferences. From indoor concerts to outdoor music festivals, there is no shortage of entertainment options for locals and tourists alike. Make sure to check the age restrictions and ticket availability in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Once you’ve enjoyed a great concert, there are plenty of other things to do in Colorado Springs, such as hiking, visiting the famous Garden of the Gods, and soaking in the hot springs. Thank you for reading this article, and we invite you to check out our other interesting articles. Goodbye and enjoy your time in Colorado Springs!