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Welcome to the Buffalo Live Music Calendar, your go-to guide for finding the best live entertainment in town! Are you tired of constantly missing out on your favorite bands and music events in Buffalo? Do you find yourself scrambling last-minute to make plans every weekend? Well, fret no more because this article is going to change that. We know how hard it can be to keep track of all the different music events happening in the area, but we’ve got you covered.

By reading this article, you can expect to learn about the most exciting live music shows coming up in Buffalo. We have carefully researched and curated a list of the hottest upcoming events, so you won’t have to waste time scouring the internet or social media for the latest news. You’ll know exactly where to go for an unforgettable night of live music, and who knows? You might even discover your new favorite band or artist along the way.

Don’t believe us? Well, our team of music enthusiasts has a deep love and appreciation for Buffalo’s vibrant music scene, and we’re confident that our recommendations will exceed your expectations. You’ll learn about popular venues, upcoming headliners, and perhaps even some hidden gems that you never knew existed. With our Buffalo Live Music Calendar, we’re here to ensure that you never miss a beat.

Buffalo Live Music Scene: What You Need to Know

Buffalo is a city in western New York that is steeped in music tradition, and it has a long history of producing popular musicians. The city is home to various genres of live music, including rock, jazz, funk, hip-hop, and classical. The music scene in Buffalo is full of possibilities, and it’s an ideal place to catch up on the latest trends or unearth new talents. Here is everything you need to know about the Buffalo live music calendar.

1. Background of Buffalo Music Scene

Buffalo has a rich musical heritage, and it has produced numerous popular musicians over the years. The city’s music scene is diverse and eclectic, and it offers something for everyone. The music tradition in Buffalo dates back to the late 19th century when the city was a hub for music publishing. In the early 20th century, Buffalo was also the birthplace of some of the most significant jazz musicians of the era, including Harry Gibson and Dizzy Gillespie.

During the 1950s and 1960s, the Buffalo live music scene gained more popularity as rock and roll took over American popular culture. Buffalo became a hotspot for live music performances, and local bands started to emerge. The rise of rock music in Buffalo was made famous by bands such as The Goo Goo Dolls, Moist, and Ani DiFranco, among others.

Today, Buffalo’s music scene continues to thrive, presenting an array of options for music lovers to enjoy. Some of the most popular music venues in Buffalo include Town Ballroom, Waiting Room, and Tralf Music Hall.

2. Genres of Live Music in Buffalo

When you think of Buffalo, you might think of rock and alternative music, but the city also has a lot to offer in terms of other genres. From jazz and blues to classical music and hip-hop, Buffalo is a city where music lovers can find something to suit their taste.

Here are some of the most popular genres of live music you can experience in Buffalo:

  • Jazz and Blues – The jazz and blues scene in Buffalo is rich, and you can enjoy a mix of classic and contemporary jazz at the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Tralf Music Hall.
  • Rock and Alternative – The Buffalo live music scene is defined by rock and alternative music, and you can catch local and national acts playing at Town Ballroom or Waiting Room.
  • Hip-hop – Buffalo’s hip-hop scene is rapidly growing, and you can catch local and national artists performing at various venues across the city, including Iron Works and Mohawk Place.
  • Classical music – The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the oldest and most respected symphonies in the country, and you can enjoy a wide range of classical music performances from renowned artists.

3. Music Festivals in Buffalo

Music festivals in Buffalo are a significant part of the city’s live music scene, and they attract thousands of music lovers from all over the world. Music festivals in Buffalo usually feature a mix of local and national artists performing across multiple stages.

Some of the most popular music festivals in Buffalo include:

  • Music is Art – This annual festival showcases local musicians, artists, and performers, and it features over 20 stages of music and arts performances.
  • Kerfuffle – This one-day music festival is a celebration of alternative music and features some of the biggest names in the genre, such as Blink-182 and The 1975.
  • Borderland – This two-day music festival is a celebration of roots, Americana, and bluegrass music, and it features music, food, and arts performances.

4. Emerging Artists in Buffalo

Buffalo is a city with a rich music scene, and there are always new and emerging artists waiting to be discovered. The city’s music scene is home to a diverse set of musicians, and there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

Some of the emerging artists to watch out for in Buffalo include:

  • Curtis Lovell – This singer-songwriter is a Buffalo native and is known for his soulful voice and thought-provoking lyrics.
  • Hotel Etiquette – This Buffalo based band has been making waves in the alternative music scene and is known for their high-energy performances.
  • Adam Bronstein – This talented jazz guitarist and composer is a Buffalo native and has been making waves in the jazz scene with his unique sound and style.

5. Pros and Cons of Buffalo Live Music Scene

Like any other music scene, the live music scene in Buffalo has its pros and cons, and it’s essential to understand both sides.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Buffalo live music scene:

Pros Cons
Buffalo has a rich musical heritage Some of Buffalo’s music venues are small and intimate, which may not be ideal for everyone
The music scene in Buffalo is diverse Some of the local bands may not have a national following, making it harder for them to gain recognition
Buffalo has several music festivals that attract music lovers from all over the world Some of the music venues in Buffalo can be crowded and noisy, making it harder to enjoy the music
Buffalo’s music scene is home to a diverse set of musicians The weather in Buffalo can be harsh, making it harder to enjoy outdoor music festivals during the winter months
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Despite the cons, the Buffalo live music scene offers an exciting and diverse range of options for music lovers to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for rock, jazz, hip-hop, or classical music, Buffalo has something to offer.

2. Finding the Best Live Music Venues in Buffalo

When it comes to catching the hottest live music shows, the city of Buffalo is a mecca of sorts. From indie bands to world-class performers, you’ll find a variety of genres and styles on offer around town. If you’re looking for the best live music venues in Buffalo, here are some tips to help you out.

1. Explore the City’s Neighborhoods

As Buffalo continues to earn recognition for its lively arts scene, more and more neighborhoods are popping up as venues for live music. From downtown and the waterfront to Elmwood Avenue, Allentown, and beyond, each neighborhood has its own unique vibe and musical offerings.

For example, Allentown is home to numerous bars and pubs that host live music events on a regular basis. You’ll find bars like Nietzsche’s that feature everything from local indie artists to jazz and blues performances. Meanwhile, in Elmwood Village, you can find venues like the Hotel Henry that offer a mix of live music and gourmet dining experiences. So, start exploring the different neighborhoods in Buffalo to find the best live music venues that suit your style.

2. Check Local Listings and Calendars

One of the easiest ways to stay in the know about live music shows in Buffalo is to check local listings and calendars. There are numerous websites and publications dedicated to the city’s arts and culture scene, and many of them have comprehensive concert calendars that list upcoming music shows.

Additionally, popular music venues like the Tralf Music Hall and the Sportsmen’s Tavern have listings of their upcoming shows on their websites. Make sure to check these websites frequently.

3. Keep Up With Local Music Blogs

Blogs dedicated to local music scenes can be a great source for finding the best live music venues in Buffalo. They often provide recommendations and reviews of shows and bands, as well as schedules of upcoming events. Check out well-known blogs like Buffalo Rising, Step Out Buffalo and Artvoice for the latest information and insights.

4. Try Out New Venues

While established venues like the Town Ballroom and the KeyBank Center are popular choices for larger concerts, don’t forget to check out smaller, lesser-known venues. These hidden gems often offer a more intimate atmosphere and can be great places to discover new artists and genres.

5. Attend Festivals and Music Events

Buffalo plays host to numerous music festivals throughout the year, ranging from the indie-rock-heavy Cobblestone Live to the large-scale country music event, the WYRK Toyota Taste of Country. Attending these events can be a great way to discover new music and experience a variety of different live performances in one place.

Method Pros Cons
Exploring the City’s Neighborhoods
  • Find hidden gems
  • Discover new artists and genres
  • Experience a variety of musical offerings
  • May require more time and transportation
  • Some venues may not have regular live music events
Checking Local Listings and Calendars
  • Comprehensive information regarding upcoming shows
  • Convenient source for finding different venues
  • Easy to frequently check for updates
  • Some sources may not be as up-to-date as others
  • May not list every event
Keeping Up With Local Music Blogs
  • Recommendations and insights from music enthusiasts
  • Can access a lot of information in one place
  • May offer reviews or interviews with artists
  • May not provide detailed or up-to-date information on every event
  • Opinions may vary from your musical tastes
Trying Out New Venues
  • Discover new artists and genres
  • Unique and intimate atmosphere
  • Cool and trendy vibes
  • May require more time and transportation
  • Some venues may have limited capacity
Attending Festivals and Music Events
  • Opportunities to experience multiple performances in one place
  • Discover a variety of new artists and genres
  • Often have big name performers
  • May be crowded and hectic
  • May be expensive depending on the event

Overall, there are numerous ways to find the best live music venues in Buffalo. Whether you’re a lifelong music enthusiast or just looking to try something new, these tips can help you discover new favorites and stay up-to-date on the latest shows and events around the city.

Never Miss a Beat: Upcoming Live Music Events in Buffalo

3. Tips and Tricks for Enjoying a Live Music Event in Buffalo

The live music scene in Buffalo is exciting and unforgettable. Here are some of the tips and tricks to help you enjoy attending live music events in Buffalo.

1. Arrive Early

One of the most difficult things about attending live music events is getting there at the right time. Most concerts start at a specific time, and if you arrive late, you risk missing some great performances.

Arriving early will help you beat the crowds, get a good spot, and avoid missing any action. You can use this time to explore the venue, grab some food or drinks, or just relax and get in the zone. Moreover, arriving early means you get to experience the energy and excitement of pre-concert activities, which can be as exciting as the concert itself.

2. Dress Appropriately

Dressing appropriately for a live music event ensures that you are comfortable and confident throughout the show. It’s essential to wear clothing that suits the occasion, taking into account factors such as the weather, venue, and artist performing.

For outdoor shows in Buffalo, it’s ideal to wear breathable, lightweight fabrics, and comfortable shoes. In contrast, for indoor venues, smart casual looks and comfortable shoes are perfect. It’s also essential to consider the type of music you will be listening to when choosing your outfit. For example, you might consider wearing comfortable shoes to jump around in at a rock concert, while heels might be appropriate for a more formal event.

3. Know the Venue Policies

The policies at a venue can have a significant impact on your experience. Knowing the dos and don’ts can help you avoid any inconvenience and make the most of the experience. Here are some of the policies you should know before attending a live music event:

  • Prohibited Items: Most venues do not allow items such as alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, and professional audio or video recording devices. It’s essential to read the venue’s guidelines to discover which items are not allowed.
  • Food and Drink: Some venues might not allow outside food and drinks while others might have food and drink available for purchase. Knowing the policy beforehand can help you plan your budget and avoid inconveniences.
  • Coat Check: Some venues might have a coat check policy. Knowing this in advance can help you avoid carrying unnecessary items throughout the show.
  • Smoking Policy: Most venues in Buffalo have non-smoking policies. Knowing this information can help you plan your break schedule or bring appropriate items such as gum for fresh breath.

4. Be Respectful to Others

Attending live music events is a shared experience, and it’s essential to consider others around you. Being respectful to others is vital in ensuring everyone has an unforgettable experience. Here are some tips for being respectful during a live music event:

  • Avoid blocking other people’s views: Be mindful of your position when finding a spot to stand or sit. Do not block the view of others behind you.
  • Keep your noise level down: You might get excited about the music, but try to avoid screaming or yelling in people’s ears.
  • Do not take videos or photos: Excessive photography or videography can be distracting for other music lovers in the venue.
  • Clean up after yourself: Whether you purchase food and drinks or bring your snacks and drinks, ensure that the venue remains tidy at all times. Dispose of your trash properly and avoid littering.
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5. Plan Your Breaks

Attending a live music event is not only about listening to the music, but also about the overall experience. Planning your breaks with friends can give you a pleasant break from the action and help you to enjoy the experience throughout the event. Here are some tips for planning your break:

  • Hydrate Yourself: Dancing and jumping around can be tiring, so staying hydrated throughout the concert is essential. Bring a water bottle or purchase one at the venue.
  • Bring Earplugs: Earplugs can protect your ears from permanent damage caused by loud music. They can also help you focus on the music while reducing background noise.
  • Use the restrooms during less busy times: Restrooms can be busy during intermissions, so try to use them during less busy times, such as breaks during the performances.
  • Engage with the Crowd: Engaging with the crowd before, during, and after the performances can be a great way to meet new friends who share your love for music.

In conclusion, the tips and tricks discussed above can help you make the most of live music events in Buffalo. By arriving early, dressing appropriately, knowing the venue’s policies, being respectful to others, and planning your breaks, you can have an unforgettable experience. Ensure you remain safe and healthy by considering your personal health and hygiene, in addition to following the venue policies.

Exploring the Best Live Music Venues in Buffalo

Buffalo is a vibrant city in western New York filled with a growing music scene. Music lovers can enjoy live performances throughout the year at various venues in the city. There’s something for everyone, from small, intimate rooms to larger venues that host big-name acts. In this article, we will explore the best live music venues in Buffalo.

The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is a music venue that opened in 2012. It’s a popular spot for local and renowned bands in the indie rock, punk, metal, and hip-hop scene. The venue’s sound system and lighting are top-notch, making it an ideal spot for concerts.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Great sound quality Can be crowded
Good lighting system Can get loud
Offers diverse music genres No seating options available
  • The Waiting Room is known for its excellent sound quality, which enhances the concert experience.
  • The lighting system is also impressive and helps to create an immersive atmosphere.
  • The venue hosts various genre of music, from indie rock, punk, metal, to hip-hop, making it suitable for different tastes.
  • While overcrowding is a common issue in most music venues, patrons tend to experience a relatively small space.
  • One of the drawbacks of the Waiting Room is that it can get loud, making it difficult for people who prefer a less noisy environment.
  • Seating options are nonexistent, so concertgoers should be ready to stand throughout the show.

The Waiting Room is highly recommended for individuals seeking an intimate concert experience, and record companies have been reported to scout this venue for new talent.


Canalside is an outdoor venue located in the heart of downtown Buffalo. The venue has a capacity of 7,000, with an impressive waterfront location. It’s the go-to venue for various events that include concerts, festivals, and more.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Access to amenities (restrooms, food, drinks) Outdoor venue; weather conditions might affect event schedules
Ample seating available Ticket prices may be expensive
High-End sound system and professional lighting set up Parking can be difficult to find on popular days
  • Canalside has excellent access to amenities, including restrooms, food vendors, and drinks, which can enhance the concert experience.
  • The venue has ample seating options, and those who prefer to stand can do so near the stage.
  • The sound system and lighting set up are also of a professional standard, making Canalside an ideal spot for a concert.
  • Ticket prices for Canalside can be steep, especially for upcoming and renowned acts.
  • Outdoor venues are subject to weather conditions that may affect the event schedules.
  • Parking can be challenging to find, especially when there are popular events.

Apart from concerts, Canalside features a variety of events for families during the summer.

Tralf Music Hall

Tralf Music Hall is one of the most well-established music venues in Buffalo, with over 38 years of history. The venue has hosted some renowned acts like the Goo Goo Dolls and Ani DiFranco. Its reputation precedes it as the perfect venue for intimate concert experiences.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
An intimate and cozy atmosphere Limited seating options available
Good sound and lighting system Entrance is a bit difficult to locate
Access to local musicians who perform frequently Not wheelchair accessible
  • Tralf Music Hall’s intimacy and cozy atmosphere make for an unforgettable concert experience.
  • The venue has a good sound and lighting system, further enhancing the concert experience.
  • The venue provides exposure to local musicians who often perform at the venue.
  • One of the drawbacks of Tralf Music Hall is limited seating options available. Concertgoers will need to arrive early to grab a seat.
  • The entrance of the venue can be tough to find, as it is located down an alley.
  • Tralf Music Hall is not wheelchair accessible.

Tralf Music Hall is a testament to the growth of Buffalo’s music scene.


Babeville is a newer music venue in Buffalo that’s quickly gained a reputation as one of the best places to experience live music. The venue is located in an old church, giving it a unique atmosphere that’s unmatched.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Spectacular and unique architecture of the venue Limited space – can become overcrowded easily
Access to an intimate and cozy concert experience No parking nearby
Exceptional acoustics Ticket prices can be costly
  • Babeville’s architecture is beautiful and unique, adding to the concert experience’s ambiance.
  • The venue’s intimacy is ideal for patron’s seeking a cozy concert experience.
  • The acoustics of the venue are exceptional, further enhancing the quality of the performance.
  • Babeville’s limited space is prone to overcrowding, which can negatively affect the concert experience.
  • The lack of parking near the venue can be challenging, and concertgoers might need to park further away from the venue.
  • Ticket prices for Babeville’s concerts can be costly, depending on the artist.

Babeville is a new music venue in the Buffalo area, and it has already garnered a reputation as a unique and exceptional place to see live music.

Local Artists to Watch: Making Their Mark in Buffalo’s Live Music Scene

Buffalo, a city in the western corner of New York, has a lively music scene with a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. The city boasts numerous venues that host live music, ranging from dive bars to elegant theatres. Local bands and musicians have a great platform to showcase their talents in front of diverse audiences. In this article, we’ll explore five local artists that are leaving a mark on Buffalo’s live music scene.

1. The Tins

The Tins is a three-piece indie-rock band that formed in Buffalo in 2010. Their music is a mix of tight harmonies, catchy melodies, and clever lyrics. They have a strong following in Buffalo and have performed at national festivals such as CMJ Music Marathon in New York City.

  • The Tins has released two EPs, an album, and several singles since their inception.
  • The band has been featured in several national publications, including NME and Huffington Post.
  • The Tins’ song “Let it Go” was featured in a commercial during the 2018 Super Bowl.

The Tins are known for their energetic live shows and have released critically acclaimed music. Their sound is unique and has elements of pop, rock, and indie. They are definitely a band to watch, and their rise to fame is imminent.

2. Mom Said No

Mom Said No is a pop-punk band that formed in 2017. The band consists of five members and is known for their impressive live shows. They have a growing fan base in Buffalo, and their music is gaining popularity.

  • Mom Said No has released two EPs and a single since their inception.
  • The band has opened for national touring acts such as The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Escape The Fate.
  • Mom Said No’s music is available on all major streaming platforms.
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Mom Said No has a distinct sound that is a blend of punk, pop, and rock. Their music is energetic and catchy, and it is hard not to be hooked on their songs. With their growing popularity, Mom Said No is on the right track to make it big.

3. Arctic Death

Arctic Death is a post-punk band that formed in Buffalo in 2017. The band consists of four members and is known for their unique sound. Their music is a mix of post-punk, noise rock, and shoegaze.

  • Arctic Death has released one EP and a single since their formation.
  • The band has performed at several local festivals and shows.
  • Arctic Death’s music has been featured on several local radio stations.

Arctic Death’s sound is haunting and mesmerizing. Their music is not for the faint of heart, but it is definitely worth checking out. With their unique approach to post-punk, Arctic Death is a band that promises to leave their mark on Buffalo’s music scene.

4. The Slums

The Slums is a garage rock band that formed in Buffalo in 2016. The band consists of three members and is known for their raw sound. Their music is a mix of garage rock, punk, and blues.

  • The Slums have released one EP and a single since their formation.
  • The band has been featured in several local publications.
  • The Slums’ music is available on all major streaming platforms.

The Slums live shows are wild and unpredictable. Their music is raw and unfiltered, and it is impossible not to be moved by their energy. With their growing fan base, The Slums are a band to keep an eye on.

5. Alison Pipitone Band

Alison Pipitone Band is a rock band that has been active in Buffalo since the early 90s. Alison Pipitone, the band’s leader, is a well-known musician in Buffalo and has released several solo albums.

  • The Alison Pipitone Band has released several albums since their formation.
  • The band has won several awards, including Best Rock Band at the 2018 Buffalo Nightlife Music Awards.
  • The Alison Pipitone Band has performed at several national festivals and shows.

The Alison Pipitone Band is a veteran in Buffalo’s music scene. With over three decades of experience, their sound has evolved and matured over the years. Their music is a mix of rock, blues, and folk, and it demonstrates Alison Pipitone’s impressive songwriting skills.


Buffalo’s music scene is vibrant, and it is home to several talented local artists. The five artists listed above are just a sample of the amazing talent that Buffalo has to offer. Whether you’re a fan of indie, punk, or rock, you will find something you love in Buffalo’s live music scene.

FAQs: Buffalo Live Music Calendar

What is the Buffalo Live Music Calendar?

The Buffalo Live Music Calendar is a comprehensive online calendar that lists all the live music events taking place in Buffalo and surrounding areas. It provides users with up-to-date information on concerts, shows, festivals, and other music-related events.

How do I access the Buffalo Live Music Calendar?

You can access the Buffalo Live Music Calendar through a web search or by visiting music-related websites such as Buffalo Rising or StepOutBuffalo. These sites provide direct links to the calendar.

What kind of events are typically listed on the Buffalo Live Music Calendar?

The calendar lists a wide range of music-related events such as concerts, festivals, shows, gigs, and jam sessions. Events can include all genres of music from jazz and blues to pop and rock.

Is the Buffalo Live Music Calendar free to use?

Yes, the Buffalo Live Music Calendar is free to use. You can access the calendar and browse listings without any fees or subscriptions.

How often is the Buffalo Live Music Calendar updated?

The Buffalo Live Music Calendar is updated regularly, sometimes on a daily basis. The calendar’s administrators work with local event organizers and music venues to ensure that all upcoming events are listed.

Is the Buffalo Live Music Calendar only for Buffalo events?

No, while the calendar is mainly focused on Buffalo and the surrounding areas, it may also feature music events taking place in other cities in New York state and beyond.

Can I submit an event to be added to the Buffalo Live Music Calendar?

Yes, the Buffalo Live Music Calendar encourages event organizers and music venues to submit their events to be listed on the calendar. To do so, simply fill out the submission form on the calendar’s website.

Can I subscribe to the Buffalo Live Music Calendar to receive alerts about upcoming events?

Yes, the Buffalo Live Music Calendar offers a subscription service that sends users regular alerts about upcoming events. You can sign up for this service on the calendar’s website.

Does the Buffalo Live Music Calendar provide reviews or ratings for events?

No, the Buffalo Live Music Calendar only provides information on upcoming events. It does not offer reviews or ratings for events.

How can I get involved with the Buffalo live music scene?

To get involved with the Buffalo live music scene, you can attend local events, volunteer at music festivals, or even start your own music-related project such as a band, booking agency, or podcast. The Buffalo Live Music Calendar is a great resource for discovering new artists and venues.


The Buffalo Live Music Calendar is a comprehensive online resource for anyone looking to discover live music events in the Buffalo area. Whether you’re a lifelong Buffalo resident or a visitor to the city, the calendar provides up-to-date information on all music-related events. Whether you’re interested in jazz, rock, pop, or any other genre of music, the calendar has something for everyone. So if you’re looking to explore the vibrant Buffalo music scene, make sure to check out the Buffalo Live Music Calendar!

After reading this article, start by visiting the Buffalo Live Music Calendar and explore the many musical events that are happening. Take a deep dive into different genres and discover what interests you. Take the opportunity to attend as many events as you can, and consider getting involved with the local music scene in whatever way excites you. But most importantly, have fun and appreciate the incredible music culture that Buffalo has to offer.

Thank you for reading! If you’re interested in learning more about Buffalo’s arts and culture scene, check out our article on the best art museums in Buffalo.