Discover The Best Bars With Live Music Denver Has To Offer

Welcome to the vibrant and lively city of Denver where there’s always something to do. If you’re a music lover looking for a fun night out, then you’ve come to the right place. Denver is known for having a thriving live music scene and we’re here to help you navigate that. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the best bars with live music experiences that Denver has to offer.

You might be wondering what you can gain from this article. Well, we’re here to help you discover and experience the best live music bars in Denver without having to do all the research yourself. We’ve done the hard work for you so that you can step out into the city’s lively music scene with confidence, knowing exactly where to go for an unforgettable night out. From soulful blues to electrifying jazz, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re new to the city or just looking to expand your horizons, our article on bars with live music in Denver is the perfect solution to your problem. After reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding of some of the top live music bars in the city, where to go for different genres of music, and what to expect when you get there. We’ve gathered information from locals and tourists alike to ensure that what we’re providing is not only exciting, but proven to work. So let’s start exploring Denver’s best live music spots together!

Discover the Best Bars with Live Music in Denver

Denver is a city that likes to party, and nothing gets the good times rolling like a night filled with live music. Whether you’re after rock, reggae or jazz, you’ll find bars all over Denver where you can catch live performances from top artists. So, to help you make the most of Denver’s thriving music scene, we’ve rounded up the best bars with live music in Denver.

1. The Bluebird Theater

The Bluebird Theater is an iconic venue located in the heart of the Colfax district in Denver. The theater is known for hosting some of the best local and national acts, making it a favorite among music enthusiasts. Originally opened as a movie theater in 1913, the venue has undergone several renovations throughout the years, making it a modern destination for live music events.

  • Location: 3317 E. Colfax Avenue
  • Capacity: 800 standing
  • Music genres: Rock, indie, hip-hop, electronic

If you’re looking for a night out with cutting-edge live music, the Bluebird Theatre is a must-visit. Here are some reasons why you should add it to your bucket list:

  • Top-notch sound quality: The theater is equipped with best-in-class sound and lighting systems, ensuring that you enjoy a spectacular performance from your favorite artist.
  • Intimate atmosphere: With a capacity of 800 standing, the theater’s intimate ambiance makes for a unique music experience that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.
  • Historic charm: The Bluebird Theater boasts a rich history, which is reflected in its architecture, decor, and aura. It has seen performances from notable musicians such as Debbie Harry and Ozzy Osbourne and remains a celebrated landmark in Denver.

If you’re planning on catching a show at the Bluebird Theater, make sure you put these tips to good use:

  • Arrive early: Popular shows at the Bluebird Theater often sell out, so it’s best to arrive early to secure your place. Doors typically open 90 minutes before the start of the show.
  • Grab a drink: The Bluebird Theater has a full-service bar that serves a range of drinks. However, keep in mind that the venue is strictly 21 and older, and you must have a valid ID to gain entry.
  • Dress appropriately: While there’s no dress code specified, it’s best to dress in comfortable clothes to enjoy the show thoroughly.

To give you a better idea of what to expect at the Bluebird Theater, here’s a table comparing it to another well-known venue in Denver:

Bluebird Theater Gothic Theatre
Location Colfax District Englewood
Capacity 800 standing 1000 standing
Music genres Rock, indie, hip-hop, electronic Rock, metal, punk
Atmosphere Intimate, historic charm Gothic-inspired, dark and moody
Bar Full-service Full-service

Overall, the Bluebird Theater is a top destination for live music lovers in Denver. With its historic charm, intimate setting, and world-class sound system, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular places to catch live performances in the city.

The Live Music Scene in Denver Bars

Denver is known for its thriving live music scene, with a variety of bars and venues hosting local and international acts. Catching a live show at a Denver bar is a great way to experience the city’s vibrant music culture. Below are some insights into Denver’s live music scene in bars.

Best Bars with Live Music

There are plenty of bars in Denver that offer live music, but some stand out from the rest. Here are some of the best bars with live music in Denver:

  1. The Fillmore Auditorium – Located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, the Fillmore Auditorium is one of Denver’s most iconic live music venues. The venue has hosted several legendary acts over the years, including The Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix. The Fillmore Auditorium is a must-visit for any music lover.
  2. Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox – This unique bar and music venue is located in the heart of downtown Denver. The venue has a unique atmosphere, with performances held in the basement of an old brothel. The eclectic bar hosts a variety of acts, from jazz and blues to indie rock.
  3. The Black Buzzard – Situated in the bustling Ballpark neighborhood, The Black Buzzard is a must-visit for live music enthusiasts. The bar has a cozy atmosphere, perfect for catching an intimate show. The venue hosts a variety of genres, from rock and metal to country and folk.
  4. Hi-Dive – Located in the historic Baker neighborhood, Hi-Dive is another popular bar with live music in Denver. The venue has been around for over a decade and has hosted several notable acts, including Arcade Fire and The Lumineers. The bar has a laid-back atmosphere, perfect for catching a show with friends.
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Rising Stars in Denver’s Live Music Scene

Denver’s live music scene is home to several up-and-coming artists. Here are some local musicians to keep an eye on:

  1. Nathaniel Rateliff – This Missouri-born musician has gained international fame for his soulful blend of folk and rock. Rateliff got his start playing in Denver bars before signing with a major record label.
  2. Megan Burtt – This Colorado native is known for her powerful voice and honest songwriting. Burtt has gained a following in Denver’s live music scene and has opened for bands like The Doobie Brothers and Heart.
  3. YaSi – This rising star is making waves in Denver’s music scene with her catchy pop tracks. The Denver native has gained a following for her impressive live shows and relatable songwriting.

Pros and Cons of Live Music Bars

Live music bars are a staple of Denver’s culture, but they come with their own set of pros and cons. Here’s a breakdown:

Pros Cons
  • Live shows offer an intimate, one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Different genres cater to a wide range of tastes.
  • Opportunities to discover new artists/genres.
  • Shows can be expensive.
  • Noise levels can make conversation difficult.
  • Bars can become overcrowded during popular shows.


Denver’s live music scene is undeniably rich, with bars and venues hosting local and international talents round the year. With an abundance of options, music lovers are sure to find a bar that caters to their tastes. From classic venues like The Fillmore Auditorium to unique bars like Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox, there’s no shortage of spots to catch a live show in Denver. Whether you’re looking to discover new acts or enjoy a night out with friends, Denver’s live music bars won’t disappoint.

Downtown Denver Bars with Live Music

If you’re looking for a good time in Denver, you can’t go wrong with a bar that offers live music. Downtown Denver is home to several such bars that cater to different tastes and budgets. Here are a few of the best ones you should check out.

1. The Crimson Room

The Crimson Room is a high-end jazz lounge located in the heart of Downtown Denver. The venue features an intimate space with plush leather chairs, a fireplace, and a stunning chandelier. The lounge also features an impressive list of specialty cocktails, fine wines, and top-shelf spirits. The Crimson Room hosts live music from local and national jazz musicians every night from 7 pm to 1 am.

Key Concepts:

  • High-end jazz lounge
  • Intimate space with plush leather chairs and a stunning chandelier
  • Specialty cocktails, fine wines, and top-shelf spirits
  • Live music from local and national jazz musicians every night

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
High-end atmosphere Expensive
Excellent selection of cocktails, wines, and spirits Not suitable for people who dislike jazz music
Quality live jazz music every night Small space might get overcrowded

If you’re a fan of jazz music and looking for a sophisticated venue in Downtown Denver, The Crimson Room is definitely worth a visit. However, keep in mind that the lounge is on the pricey side.

2. Herb’s Hideout

Herb’s Hideout is a classic jazz and blues club that has been around since 1933. The venue features a laid-back atmosphere with a full bar, pool tables, and a stage for live music. Herb’s Hideout is known for its great selection of local and national musicians who perform different styles of jazz and blues. Open seven days a week, the club usually starts live music at 7 pm and keeps the party going until 1 am.

Key Concepts:

  • Classic jazz and blues club
  • Laid-back atmosphere with a full bar and pool tables
  • Great selection of local and national musicians
  • Live music seven days a week, starting at 7 pm

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
Long-standing tradition and history The club may feel too small and cramped for some
Diverse styles of jazz and blues music May have a cover charge on busy nights
Good selection of drinks and snacks The neighborhood may not be very safe

Herb’s Hideout is a great place to experience live jazz and blues in a welcoming setting. However, you may want to be cautious if you’re walking around the neighborhood at night.

3. The Church Nightclub

The Church is not your typical live music venue. Located in a former church building, the nightclub features a unique and stunning interior design that resembles an ancient cathedral. The space boasts multiple levels, dance floors, a rooftop patio, and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. The Church hosts live music events, including EDM, hip hop, and indie rock shows, depending on the night of the week.

Key Concepts:

  • Former church turned nightclub
  • Unique and stunning interior resembles an ancient cathedral
  • Multiple levels, dance floors, and rooftop patio
  • State-of-the-art sound and lighting systems
  • Live music events featuring different genres of music

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
Stunning and unusual interior design May feel crowded and noisy on busy nights
Multiple levels and dance floors for different types of music The dress code policy may deter some patrons
High-quality sound and lighting systems that create a unique atmosphere Service can be slow and inattentive at times

The Church Nightclub is a must-visit spot for those who are looking to dance and experience a unique music venue in Downtown Denver. However, be aware that the club has a dress code policy and can get overcrowded and noisy on busy nights.

In conclusion, live music bars in Downtown Denver offer a range of experiences catering to different tastes and budgets. Whether you prefer high-end jazz lounges, classic blues clubs, or unconventional music venues, you’ll surely find a spot that suits your style. So, grab a drink, listen to some great tunes, and make the most of Denver’s vibrant nightlife scene!

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Denver breweries with live music

With Denver being the renowned Craft Beer Capital of America, it’s not surprising that many breweries have started branching out into live music. Visitors and locals alike can enjoy their favorite brews while tapping their feet to the beat of live music. Here are some of the Denver breweries with live music.

Ratio Beerworks

Ratio Beerworks is one of the breweries in Denver with live music that has been providing a platform for local musicians for years. They have a wide range of events including music shows, weekly vinyl nights, and even comedy shows. Ratio Beerworks has a large patio, so even in bad weather, visitors can still be entertained with live music. They have also partnered with some of Denver’s famous food trucks to satisfy the hungry crowd.

Odell Brewing Co

Odell Brewing Co is one of the few breweries outside of Denver that has live music seven nights a week. They offer free shows every Tuesday at 6:30 pm, where visitors can enjoy local live music while sipping their favored beer. The brewery also has a large back patio and up to 16 taps of delicious brews. Visitors can enjoy both inside and outside seating while taking in the music.

Bruz Beers

Bruz Beers is a Belgian-inspired brewery located in North Denver. They offer a vast selection of traditional Belgian beers and host regular live music events. Visitors can sip their beer while listening to live music ranging from classic jazz to the latest indie bands. They also offer a large outdoor patio and spacious indoor seating.

The Empourium Brewing Co

Located in the heart of Denver’s eponymous Five Points, The Empourium Brewing Co is one of the breweries that values live music. They host regular live music performances, where visitors can enjoy an extensive selection of craft beers while listening to the band playing on stage. The brewery also offers ample seating, both indoor and outdoor, and the indoor space has a cozy feel as visitors enjoy the folksy blues.

Pros and Cons of Denver breweries with live music

Like any other establishments, Denver breweries with live music have their pros and cons.

Pros Cons
  • Live music enriches visitors’ experience and attracts a diverse crowd.
  • Enjoying live music while sipping beer is the ultimate relaxation for visitors.
  • Live music platforms provide exposure for local musicians, and it’s an excellent way to support local businesses.
  • The sound level can sometimes be too high for a comfortable conversation.
  • On some days, the music might not suit everyone’s taste.
  • Visitors might sometimes have to pay for tickets or an additional cover charge.

In conclusion, Denver’s breweries with live music provide visitors with the ultimate entertainment experience. Regardless of whether it’s a beer connoisseur or a music lover, there is something for everyone. So grab a cold pint, sit back, and enjoy the live tunes at any of the breweries mentioned herein.

Jazz bars in Denver with live music

Denver is known for its thriving music scene, especially when it comes to the jazz genre. Jazz bars in Denver have become a hub for locals and tourists alike who are seeking a laid-back atmosphere, great drinks, and live music. Here are some of the top jazz bars in Denver with live music.

1. Dazzle

Dazzle is undoubtedly one of the most popular jazz bars in Denver. It has been offering live jazz music for more than 20 years and has become a staple for both locals and visitors. Dazzle features different jazz artists from around the country throughout the week, making it an excellent spot to catch both veteran and up-and-coming jazz musicians.

  • Offers a full menu with creative cocktails and food options
  • Award-winning jazz club with great acoustics
  • Hosts events such as poetry and comedy nights
  • Has been visited by jazz legends such as Wynton Marsalis and Herbie Hancock
  • Offers a monthly jazz brunch

2. Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club

Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club offers a 21st-century take on jazz bars in Denver with its sleek interiors and modern jazz performances. The club is known for its exceptional cocktails and dinner menu, making it an excellent option for a date night or a night out with friends.

  • Offers a modern twist on jazz music in a speakeasy-style atmosphere
  • The cocktail program is led by award-winning mixologists
  • Jazz performances featuring both local and national artists
  • Offers a dinner menu with seasonal options

3. El Chapultepec

El Chapultepec is a classic dive bar that has become a staple in Denver since the 1930s. The bar has seen performances from jazz legends such as Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. El Chapultepec offers a no-frills atmosphere, which is perfect for those looking for a casual night out.

  • A classic jazz bar that has remained unchanged for years
  • Offers nightly jazz performances
  • Known for its house band “The Pec,” which features local jazz musicians
  • Serves beer and bar snacks

4. Herb’s Hideout

Herb’s Hideout is another classic jazz bar that has been offering live music for more than 20 years. The bar is known for its cozy atmosphere and the variety of jazz performances it offers throughout the week.

  • The atmosphere is cozy and intimate, with a classic jazz bar feel
  • Offers live jazz performances several nights a week
  • Hosts local jazz musicians and touring jazz groups
  • Serves a variety of food and drink options

5. La Cour

La Cour is an artsy jazz bar that features jazz performances alongside art exhibits, poetry readings, and other cultural events. The bar is known for its emphasis on the arts, making it a great spot for those interested in exploring Denver’s art scene.

  • Offers live jazz performances throughout the week
  • Hosts art exhibits, poetry readings, and other cultural events
  • Has a Parisian-inspired atmosphere, with outdoor seating available
  • Offers an extensive wine list with food options inspired by French cuisine

Key Pros and Cons of Jazz Bars in Denver with Live Music

Pros Cons
Jazz bars in Denver provide a laid-back atmosphere with great live music performances. Some jazz bars can be expensive, especially with added food and drink options.
Jazz bars in Denver provide a great way to explore the city’s music scene and meet new people. Sometimes the live music can be too loud for those who are sensitive to noise.
Many jazz bars feature both local and national jazz artists, providing a variety of options for music lovers. Some jazz bars can feel crowded or cramped, making it hard to enjoy the music.
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In conclusion, jazz bars in Denver offer a great way to explore the city’s music scene while enjoying live performances in a laid-back atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a classic dive bar or a modern jazz club, Denver has a variety of options to choose from. Additionally, with the added food and drink options, jazz bars in Denver make for an excellent night out with friends or a date night.

FAQs – Bars with Live Music Denver

What bars have live music in Denver?

Denver is filled with bars that host live music events. Some of the most famous ones include the Bluebird Theater, Ogden Theatre, and Fillmore Auditorium. Bars like Herman’s Hideaway, Dazzle, and Mercury Cafe also have live music performances regularly.

Which bars in Denver have the best live music?

Different bars have their own unique music scenes, and the “best” bar for live music may depend on personal preferences. However, some of the bars that are widely recognized for their music scene in Denver include the Gothic Theatre, Larimer Lounge, and Globe Hall.

Is there free live music in Denver?

Yes, many bars and restaurants offer free live music in Denver. For example, City Park Jazz provides free concerts every summer, and various venues like The Walnut Room, The Black Buzzard, and The Meadowlark often offer free live music shows. Check their websites for schedules and more information.

What is the legal age to get into bars with live music in Denver?

The legal age to get into bars with live music in Denver is 21 years old. You need to present a valid ID as proof of age to be allowed entry. Some venues may have a different age requirement for certain events.

Can I bring my kids to a bar with live music in Denver?

Most bars with live music in Denver have age restrictions and do not allow minors. However, some venues may have special events or shows that are designated as all-ages, so be sure to check the website or contact the venue first.

What is the dress code for bars with live music in Denver?

There is usually no specific dress code for bars with live music in Denver. However, some higher-end venues may require guests to dress appropriately. Check their website or call the venue ahead of time if you are not sure what to wear.

Do I need to buy tickets in advance for live music events?

It depends on the event and the venue. Some events may require advance purchase of tickets due to limited seating, while others may have an option to purchase tickets at the door. Information about ticket sales can usually be found on the venue’s website.

Are there any bars with live music in Denver that serve food?

Yes, many bars that host live music events in Denver serve food. Some of them have full-service restaurants or cafes, while others serve more casual fare like bar bites or pub food. Check the website or contact the venue to find out more information about their food offerings.

What types of music can I hear at bars with live music in Denver?

Denver’s live music scene is diverse, and you can expect to hear a wide range of music genres at different venues. From jazz and blues to rock and country, there’s something for everyone. Check the venue’s website or social media pages for information about upcoming performances and music genres.

Do bars with live music in Denver have dance floors?

Some bars with live music in Denver have dance floors, but this depends on the venue’s layout and the type of music being played. Clubs that play electronic dance music or techno usually have dance floors, while jazz clubs and lounges may not. Check the venue’s website or social media for more information.


If you’re a fan of live music and you’re in Denver, you’re in for a treat. The city has numerous bars and venues with live music events, covering a wide range of genres. Some of the most popular bars with live music in Denver include the Gothic Theatre, Larimer Lounge, and City Park Jazz. Many of these bars also serve food, and some even have dance floors. Make sure to check out their websites or social media pages for schedules and more information.

After reading this article, you should have a good idea of what to expect from Denver’s live music scene. Whether you’re looking for free events, all-ages shows, or just a good spot to enjoy live music, the city has plenty to offer. So grab a friend, put on your dancing shoes, and head out to one of the many bars with live music in Denver for a memorable night out.

Thank you for reading! Check out our other articles for more fun things to do in Denver.